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Preferred Planning Services (PPS) in New Albany, Ohio, is a financial planning firm that specializes in assisting seniors with preserving their assets as they face changing health needs. Created nearly twenty years ago to provide seniors with an opportunity to receive quality, timely information about managing and protecting their assets from the devastating costs of their long term care needs, we are committed to answering your questions concerning:

  • Proper Asset Division
  • Gifting
  • Long Term Care
  • Medicaid Rules
  • Veterans Affairs (VA) Qualification Criteria
  • Care Planning Strategies

Jim Zifer, President of Preferred Planning Services (PPS), believes in a team approach to planning, and works with elder law attorneys to find a single source for you, and your family, to find the answers to your questions. By using this approach, we help make the best use of all the resources available to ensure that you are properly protected.


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Our President

James D. Zifer, Jr.

Jim is the President of Preferred Planning Services, a company specializing in financial planning for seniors. With nearly 30 years' experience in the financial industry, Jim began focusing his efforts towards assisting seniors in 1996 when he joined Preferred Planning Services. Jim has earned several awards, has been recognized nationally, serves as a consultant with several elder law attorneys across the country, and has earned certification from the Corporation of Long Term Care recognizing his knowledge and expertise with the issues that seniors face. He holds licensing in seven states for life and health insurance. He also has held various licenses over the years so that he can provide more comprehensive financial planning services to his clients. Jim has worked with thousands of families in helping them preserve their assets. He has thorough understanding of the problems we face as we age and knows how to bring innovative financial solutions to solve them. A native of Dover, Ohio, Jim now resides in New Albany. His degree from the University of Cincinnati began his journey towards accounting and finance. He has focused for the past 17 years on a team approach to planning and works with several elder law attorneys with creating a solid plan for seniors.

Jim is an avid outdoorsman, gardener, cyclist, fly fisherman and enjoys spending time with his family.



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