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How might the sequence of returns affect your retirement income?

How much will you receive from your 401(k) contributions?

How much money will you need in retirement?

How much life insurance do you really need?



Are your assets protected if you go to a nursing home?
Sometimes either you or your spouse can end up with failing health. So what happens to your assets? Are they protected? Watch to get answers.


Can you protect your assets from nursing home spend down?
Retirees sometimes worry about their assets when they are going to a nursing home. But they shouldn’t worry because there are legal strategies to protect those assets.


Does the $2,000 spend down rule apply to you?
When you or your spouse go to a nursing home, there are limitations to the assets you are able to claim. The good news is there are strategies out there that allow you to protect your savings.


How do you protect your hard-earned savings from nursing home spend down?
Going to a nursing home can be an overwhelming time and you want to make sure you’re doing everything correctly when it comes to your assets. With proper planning and disclosure, you won’t have to worry.


Are you committing fraud by protecting your assets from nursing home spend down?
There are plenty of rules and regulations that do allow for protecting your assets from nursing home spend down. Being diligent about following the rules means you aren’t committing fraud.


Is it imperative you plan five years in advance for nursing home spend down?
It’s always better to plan at least five years ahead because you can protect a greater amount of assets. However, you can always protect some assets even if you didn’t start five years before entering a nursing home. You can always save assets, provided you still have them.


If you’re already in a nursing home, can you still save your assets?
It’s a total myth that you can’t protect your assets once you’re in a nursing home. It’s better to plan for this at least five years in advance, but often times there’s a possibility to save at least half of the assets for single individuals and up to 80% for married couples.


What are the five most common myths when it comes to nursing home spend down?
It can be an overwhelming time in your life when you realize you or your spouse needs to gain permanent—or even temporary—residency at a nursing home. Worrying about your finances shouldn’t be one of them. We can help you navigate through the myths and come up with a strategy.


Will the state take my home if I move to a nursing home?
The nursing home is not interested in taking your home. In the 20+ years we’ve been working in this industry, we’ve never seen one instance of this. You can protect your home, but it all comes down to proper planning.

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